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Apigee API Gateway as a Proxy between Managed Cluster and Mission Control

I am running a POC, they are not using a network proxy but instead, apigee API Gateway.

So, the installation parameter's syntax of proxy (which is of the form protocol://[user:password@]server-address:port) doesn't work, because the endpoint of gateway would be of the form protocol://[user:password@]server-address:port/bla/bla/bla/routing/rule/

It seems like the parameter somehow only read until the port number, the blablabla whatever that follows after it doesn't get recognized.

Anyone has any idea how to work around this?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Dynatrace can only use a regular forward proxy via HTTP CONNECT. There is no way for any path customization.

I don't think it is technically possible without some explicit support for API Gateway.

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