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Custom devices / metrics

Hello community. I have question from Customer:

How many devices (network devices), group of data can we push to Dynatrace via API?

For example we have 10 000 network devices and 5 metrics from them every 30 seconds. Will Dynatrace Api operate with such data flow? Or i need to add more nodes to the Dynatrace Cluster? (Traffic from agents can be neglected)

In documentation i can see this:

"There is no rate limit for Dynatrace Managed installations. "

So we can push data from example without any limitations? Confirm please this information or correct me if i wrong. Thanks!




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Right now indeed there is no access limit in managed (it was before). But it's rather recommend to not ask API so often at once (nginx may has performance problems).

Second thing is that you will have to have 50 000 custom metrics in license to do that. In general you will have to combine those metrics into larger payloads and send them then into dynatrace. In such case you will have less executions of API and you should be good with it.


Regards, Sebastian

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