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Dynatrace Managed Cluster with custom domain name setup



I would like to verify on the Dynatrace Managed Cluster setup with custom domain name.

Hence, I read that in the forum that for such setup, we would need to register a FQDN with the DNS for the Dynatrace Managed Cluster. FQDN point to all the ip addresses of the Dynatrace Managed nodes.

Hope the above understanding is correct ?

Next, on the ActiveGates, do we need to do any additional configuration or it will contain require information once the Dynatrace Managed is properly setup with custom domain name and just need to install as per instruction provide on the Dynatrace Managed console.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You are right. Just don't forget to opt-out from an automatic domain configuration. There are actually 2 different scenarios you can set up:

In case you want to use it as a Web UI domain and e-mail notifications:

  1. Set up a domain for all nodes' IPs.
  2. Configure the domain as:
    • Web UI URL (Settings -> Public endpoints)

In case you want to configure a domain for OneAgent communication:

1. Set up a domain for each node. E.g.,

2. Configure a domain at a given Node Details pages as "OneAgent communication address".

No other configuration is required.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hello @Radoslaw S.

I will also take this opportunity for my understanding as well.

We have default public endpoints for Dynatrace Web UI URL, but the ClusterActiveGates have a custom domain name with a public IP and valid SSL certificate.

Can we use the same for the public Dynatrace Web UI URL endpoints? IF YES

What will be the pre-requisites?



If I get you right, you ask if you can setup a custom domain for Web UI URL? Yes. This is exactly what I wrote in my answer. Otherwise, please clarify.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hello @Radoslaw S.

Let me rephrase my question in the following way:

  1. Can we use the same custom URL for the Dynatrace Web UI URL which is used for the ClusterActiveGates? IF YES
  2. What will be the pre-requisites before changing the Dynatrace Web UI URL?



How would it work at all? I can't imagine that.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hi @Babar_Qayyum ,
For security reason, It would be better to use different domain name , one for Cluster Activegate URL , and the other ones for WEB UI Url.
Given that, Cluster Activegate will expose on internet (RUM browser monitor for Saas app , External Synthetic) , unlike to Web UI Url , more intranet web which expose directly cluster nodes where here we have already SSL deployed. Namely SSL is optional for Cluster Activegate , if and only if, we have WAF/F5 LB front of it. 

Moreover, in order to reduce network complexity and to redirect properly, for instance some AWS Services via Environment Activegate, you have to specify endpoint communication, because both URLs (CAG and WebUI) will be pinged... And in debug, you will easily dissociate incoming flux.

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