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Dynatrace Managed Node keeps freezing causing UI inaccessible


Hi community,


Had a few issues that I encountered and was wondering if anyone had experience dealing with this. I have a Dynatrace Managed node sitting in an Ubuntu OS (VM). The VM freezes for 2 times in a row last week (see attachment) and caused the Dynatrace UI to be inaccessible (see attachment). Upon restart, the problem was solved temporarily but arises not long after. In CMC, there are messages like "Elastic storage service is malfunctioning", "transaction storage period truncated", and "insufficient system privileges on server".


error 500.pngfreezing execution.jpeg



Restarting the server isn't a permanent solution. Can reinstalling Dynatrace on a brand new RedHat OS solve the problem? Client suspect is OS problem


Sorry if this question isn't directly related to Dynatrace. Appreciate any response, would greatly help to gain my insights. Thank you


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @leonatay, we've moved the post to Q&A as it's not a community-related issue, and this way more people can see it. Hope you get your answer soon! 

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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Indeed this looks like a broken installation. Not sure, what is the root cause - Virtual Machine performance, wrong permissions setup, or something else. Please create a support ticket -

I'm sure we'll help you to solve this.

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

As @Radoslaw_Szulgo recommends, for that type of problem, it's best to create a support ticket. As for the problem, it seems to be a wrong permission setting, but it may not be just linked to that.

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