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Dynatrace Managed - how to plan and implement?


Hi Experts,

I am trying to get the preliminary information on how to plan and implement Managed (on-prem) type of One Agent in our environment. Need your help on following, please help me on how to plan and implement. It would be really helpful if you provide the calculation with examples.

  1. We are using Appmon currently. How to migrate data from Appmon To Managed?
  2. Determine the Type of Servers and Type of OS for building Servers?
  3. Determine the Capacity of Servers?
  4. Number of Servers needed?
  5. Disk space for Storage [How to calculate to retain at least 3 years of data ]
  6. Determine the nodes/clusters?
  7. Data replication across different datacenters to avoid losing data if one of the nodes goes down?

Also, please help me if any Key Parameter(s) I am missing here in my plan. Thank you.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Suresh. Have you already visited our help Pages? This is a good start for you:

Most answers for your questions are here:



1. You cannot migrate data from AppMon. It’s a different product.

2. See hardware requirements. Linux only.

3. See hardware requirements

4. See hardware requirements

5. See hardware requirements. However Dynatrace doesn’t keep same granularity of data as AppMon. See retention times here :

6. see hardware requirements how many nodes you need. If you need to separate physically data then you can achieve that by separate clusters.

7. Dynatrace Managed is intrinsically highly available. See details here:

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Great! Thank you @Radoslaw S. Regarding #1 - If we can't migrate from Appmon, could you suggest how to switch from Appmon to Managed? What If I want to take a look at historical data? Any workaround? I am sure most of Dynatrace customers might have this challenge. so could you tell, what is the recommendation from Dynatrace?

I haven’t heard about any. Look around at Forum, use search. Maybe you’ll find something useful.

I just recommend starting to switch OneAgents from hosts one by one. Or use some automation like Puppet if you have many of them.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

okay. Thank you @Radoslaw S.


For #7, there is also the ability to have a cluster span across data centers.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

there are stipulations with that, but Dynatrace is working on a more permanent solution for that


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