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Dynatrace Managed perpetual license availability


Hi all, I have a question regarding to Dynatrace product, specifically Dynatrace Managed, which I believe is the Full-Stack version. I was told that this product line does not have Perpetual Licensing, but subscription version only. Can anyone confirms it? Thank you




I would recommend you reading Dynatrace license lifecycle and contact Sales if you still have doubts.

Best regards


Hi Anton, 

Thank you for you reply. I already looked at this document that you mentioned, but the content didn't meet our customer expectation. I'd try to dig in somewhere else.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Perpetual licensing was available some years ago, but is not anymore.

Dynatrace does support though existing perpetual license customers, and I know of one such case.

Antonio Sousa

I have customer asked me some questions regarding to the product they are using, which is the Full-Stack Monitoring version. They said that they had bought a Perpetual Licensing Full-stack to monitor 5 systems (Some years ago). Their concerns were like:

1/ Will they still receiving any support from Dynatrace if they decided to stay using that Perpetual Licensing?

2/ Is it possible for them to update to latest version of that Dynatrace Managed even after the License has expired? 


Hi Antonio,

Thank you for confirmation on this. I did try to contact the support center, most of them did indeed said the same thing as you say. There used to be a Perpetual Licensing for Full-Stack Monitoring, but now they don't.


And new Dynatrace features in relation to Grail will be available only in SaaS instead of Managed. I do not know if migrate from Managed to SaaS is a viable option to you.

This is not in relation to your question but thiking in long term, SaaS will offer more than Managed (in my opinion).

Best regards



Hello @nsuspect . 

Is it possible that your customer is talking about a Dynatrace "AppMon" perpetual license? And wants to know how this correlates to Dynatrace "Managed" licensing?

If so, I imagine that this would be some sort of negotiation for a conversion, and that you'd move to a subscription.

Don't forget that the old AppMon perpetual licenses did have a recurring maintenance fee...

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