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Dynatrace cluster user session timeout

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello All,

As per customer ask can we setup Dynatrace cluster user session timeout for a specific user to "0" and for rest of the user to "userInactivityTimeout": 900?

Why - Dynatrace dashboards are displayed on TV screens across the floor. Where currently it is getting timed out every 15min. 

Ask - To setup one specific user with NO user session timeout.

Currently we are using local user, soon tobe integrated with LDAP for user authentication. Need to know possibilities for both the cases.

Already check the DT Docs, but no info available.

Update cluster user sessions configuration | Dynatrace Docs




Have a nice day!

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi, are you familiar with dashboards refresh rate? It should work out-of-the-box for that case:

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hello, Yes familiar with the refresh rate. But this is not helping here. As the browser session timeout is set to 15min as per InfoSecurity policy thought the refresh rate works at background browser session is timedout.

Timeframe set for Dashboard is 15min. Refresh is happening every 1 min.

Have a nice day!

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