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How can I modify -XMX -XMS in Dynatrace Managed to add more heap

Hi everyone,

After I added more memory to Dynatrace Managed server form 32 GB to 48 GB, Then I need to modify -XMX -XMS in the Dynatrace Managed server to add more heap, can I modify it?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You cannot, dynatrace is allocating available memory automatically (with reservation for each components). You have to know that there is not only Java server, but elasticsearch, cassandra nginx etc as well. All of those components has to have resources available. This is why it is possible that dynatrace is not using all available memory on host.


Regards, Sebastian

In addition to Sebastian comment (which is also the answer from Dynatrace people), if you look at the content of the Dynatrace Managed installer you will also found this (which I BELIEVE is the percentage of memory allocation):

Hello @Wai C.,

Thank for your addition. so how i can see the content in your picture.

Thank you

sure, you are welcome.

Just use vim command to look at the content of the managed installer. (it might take a while for vim to render the content)

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