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How much disk space is required when deploying to RHEL in INFRA_ONLY mode?


I need to understand how much disk space is required to deploy an agent in INFRA-ONLY mode. The documentation provides details for FULL_STACK but makes no comment on what the requirements are for INFA-ONLY mode.

I suspect that the space required for the agent (2.9 GB) would be the same (?), but I am not clear whether or not we would need the 3GB required for DATA_STORAGE. There would obviously (or so it seems to me) be less space required for logs and presumably no space required for memory dumps when the agent is in INFRA-ONLY mode, but can somebody please clarify what the requirements actually are?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is what i got from support on this:

So the disk space requirement will the same regardless of installing the OneAgent in Full Stack and Infrastructure monitoring. According to our documentation, the minimum would be around 8Gb.

For Linux:

For Windows:


This question is popping up from time to time. Adding this info to docs. Thanks!

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