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Ingestion of monitoring data from DB2 into Dynatrace

I remember in the forum and/or blog I came across an EAP that enables dynatrace to read the monitoring data push from Oracle-Enterprise-Manager (OEM is the native monitoring tool of Oracle Database)


Now I am wondering is there such an option for IBM DB2? And if there is, what is monitoring tool that can be used to monitor DB2? I try to google around but seems like DB2 doesn't has its own monitoring system like Oracle does......


Best Regards,

Wai Keat


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For now only way is activegate plugin I suppose that will fetch metrics from db2.


Regards, Sebastian


Hey @Wai Keat C., unfortunately we do not support DB2 in upcoming DB Insights functionality (EAP is closed, with ~ ActiveGate 173 we plan to do early adopter release). As @sebastian k. mentioned the best way to go right now is ActiveGate plugin (Python framework).

Hiya, I heard that Dynatrace were planning to introduce a dedicated DB2 Plugin, I believed late 2019 or early 2020. Would you know if this is true?

Hey, analysis for DB2 support in DB Insights will be started in Q4 '19 and based on results of this analysis I will be able to confirm if and when we will deliver support for DB2. Right now we are focusing on GA for Oracle support in DB Insights.

Hi, are you still planning an EAP on DB2 Insights? If yes, when will it be available?




@Wai Keat C. could you share a use case/problem which you want to resolve?

Basically we wish has a one-stop for looking as much data as possible. While Oracle Database at least has an EAP for that, DB2 doesn't. Hence, customer is asking if that would be possible for DB2.

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