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Need to install Dynatrace Managed offline



For a POC, I will need to install a dynatrace managed server offline (offline mode). Anyone knows the procedure or describe how is done? Do you need to configure a proxy in order to do this?

Kind regards,

Antonio V.



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You'll need to reach out to your sales representative - that is not something you can just set up on your own and has special license requirements.



Thank you for your answer, we will do that. At least can you tell me how it works logically? need special license (as you said), certificates, proxy, ....?

Antonio V.

I've never dealt with it personally, they're more for exceptional circumstances. AFAIK everything else is the same but you alone are responsible for installing and applying updates and every aspect of managing the cluster - you do not get any assistance from mission control as you would in a standard managed installation.

Thank you very much!

Antonio V.


Just to share my scenario on this:

we had similar issue where connectivity to MC was strictly prohibited. We contacted dynatrace support and we were told that connection to MC is a prerequisite and you cannot install without it.

Ultimately we had to enable and allow connectivity to MC servers via proxy for installation.


Himanshu Mor

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Dynatrace Managed (offline mode) does *not require any outgoing connection*. So no additional proxy configuration is needed. The procedure is as following:

1. Contact Dynatrace or Sales rep

2. Your business case will be evaluated if offline is the best solution to you.

3. Once you are accepted, you will get installer and license via e-mail. That contains instruction how-to install Dynatrace server. Basically it's just download installer and run it providing the license.

4. Once Dynatrace Managed is installed - you will need to activate your license in our public service to start monitoring.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Than you very much.

Antonio V.

Hi all,

Its been 2019 and I am wondering if all these still applies.

If business case is justified for customer does that means connection to MC isn't need at all from the very beginning until monitoring starts to running?

Or it means connection to MC is needed ONCE at the beginning when installer are being executed, and is then no needed anymore?

Best Regards,

Wai Keat

Hello, for managed installation connection to MC is needed constantly. This is because license is validated every few minutes. Dynatrace is also sending healthchecks to MC. If server will not have connection for 2 weeks, monitoring will be disabled because of no license validation.


Regards, Sebastian

so 'dynatrace managed offline' is no different than normal 'dynatrace managed'?

Sebastian described normal Dynatrace Managed. To answer your question no you don't need to briefly open up a connection just to get it installed. There is no connection to MC but if you explore this route note that there may be a number of 'soft' requirements that will need to be discussed (i.e. things in the contract).

Offline is offline. You have to activate license at start but you can make it from different computer if you need. If you really interested in this topic I think you should contact with dynatrace because this kind of license isn't easy to maintain and implement regards to many regulations that has to be met.


Regards, Sebastian

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