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Seems like "Request to Public Network" doesn't belongs to any Management Zone

Only the admin-privileges user can see the "Request to Public Network" when no filter of Management Zone is applied.

If any filter is applied it'll be gone. Can anyone help me to confirm this? The "Request to Public Network" should be belongs to Management Zone of the service that is calling it isn't it?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

No, since they are seen as separate services you can tag them explicitly if you want them in a management zone. You can tag all the requests to public network or drill into a specific domain and in the top right use the option to 'monitor as separate service' and then tag that.

Each service is what gets tagged and thus what matters for management zones not what the calling services are.




Coming across this issue as well. I was able to tag the Request to Public Network service and include it in a managed zone for specific users.

The service itself appears in the Transaction and services view, but problems related to this service are still not being alerted to users in that managed zone. Am I missing something?

Besides, once this specific service is allowed for a specific Managed Zone, a backtrace to that service reveals other services and infrastructure unrelated to that zone.

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