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Service quality & traffic by Data center



I have been given the following requirements and was keen to know if Dyantrace could help in any way. Can we:

- Understand traffic flow and volume between data centers, visually. This would be more like Netflix/Vizceral than Smartscape. For example, to see percentage of service traffic split between data centers.

- Understand service quality and metrics (throughput, response times) split between data center. Ideally as separate reports. For example, for a given service, average response time is x in data center#1 and y in data center #2.

Any ideas, most welcome.

Regasrds, Cam


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Cam,

for the traffic flow between DCs, I would tag all my hosts with their Data center name and go to the network screen. You then apply the tag for a specific DC at the top of the screen and it will show the overall traffic received by the all hosts in this DC. It isn't the greatest but it is the best I can think off.

For the response time and count, something similar might work but I haven't tried it. Each service can be broken down by instance especially on a multi-dimensional chart so with a tag on top, it might give you what you want especially if you don't split by instance. You probably won't be able to put both DCs on the same screen though so it will be split across 2 multi-dims.



Hi Flo, thank you very much, this is going to work.

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