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Share Multidimensional analysis views across services?

Hi, in Dynatrace Managed, I've created some MDA views and would like to use the same metric, aggregation, dimensions, and filters across a bunch of services that we're analyzing. Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see a way to decouple the MDA view from the service it was created for, even if none of the MDA configuration references that particular service. A teammate had to basically copy and paste my MDA configuration and create a new MDA under his service to use it.


Is there a way around this? I'd rather not be maintaining 20+ copies of the same MDA.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

There is a "global" MDA view.  In the latest version of the left menu, just use the search (type "Mult") to locate it.  In less current versions, just navigate to Diagnostic Tools in the left menu and click the "Create analysis view" button.




Thanks, Dave, for your reply.  My apologies for responding so late.  I somehow didn't get notified about your post. I think this is the solution we need! 

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