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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Upgrading policies for ActiveGates, Nodes, and OneAgents. When is it mandatory to upgrade?


Hello all!

I would like to know what are the policies for upgrading Dynatrace software.

I mean:

- when is required to upgrade OneAgents, ActiveGates, Cluster Nodes?

- are there some mandatory upgrades?

-differences between SaaS and Managed (on software upgrade policies)

I really appreciate your comments and references.


Many Thanks!



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I believe that tells everything you need:

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thank you very much Radoslaw.

Please additional questions related:

- So this means that each 4 month is mandatory to update cluster nodes ?

In negative case I guess support is lost. Am I right ?

- Upgrading operations are performed by dynatrace or by customers ?

Many Thanks.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jose,

It is indeed mandatory to upgrade the cluster nodes. Although you can delay the upgrade for several weeks, it is highly recommended to stay on the latest version (and yes, also to remain supported).

By upgrading, you will have access to the latest product features and possible bug and security fixes. Please do note that OneAgent and ActiveGates can never be a higher version than a Managed cluster. In other words, if you don't frequently upgrade the Managed cluster, you will also miss out on latest features on these components.

You will receive the upgrade binaries from Dynatrace Mission Control, but you will have to upgrade the cluster yourself - which is a process of clicking on the upgrade button.


Now is cristal clear ! Great Job! Many Thanks Sia!


@ Jose L, As a Managed customer you ultimately control all the updates.

Mission Control will update your Cluster on a Schedule. This being said, you'd select a day, Say every Monday at 11pm you update your cluster. Ideally, you;d have a 3 Clustered node where the upgrade will do one node at a time keeping Dynatrace Available to users and alert if issues are detected. You can postpone this update but it has to be postponed manually every week by changing your update setting to the following So lets say that Its Friday, and you are set to update on Mondays, you can change the update to Thursday, thus buying you more time, but you would need to change the day again prior to Thursday.

SAAS Customer get updated automatically and Managed customers are 2 weeks behind the SAAS users in terms of update versions.

As it relates to the Oneagent, You can be out of date for a full year. While it is not recommended, you could be running off of the Oneagent from January 1st 2018. Once you pass a year old on the oneagent version I've heard that they will be automatically updated. I have never seen this in person tho.

The Javascript Library can extend past a year and does not have a max out of compliance date like the Oneagent. Keep in mind, both the JavaScript and the Oneagent can be set to update on your time or turn off updates all together. The ball is in your court on them.

Came goes for ActiveGates although the new versions have an automatic update feature that you can enable/disable as you feel.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

From a managed standpoint, we had our Cluster updates set for Weekend nights and everything else was updated on our schedule. Hours before Patchnight/Reboot night, we would kick off the oneagent updates and then they would be rebooted hours later. Activegates we did during the day as they did not impact our usage.

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