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Public Security Gateway & Integrations


Hi Team We are in process of Stetting Public security gateway server in DMZ Zone. We need more clarity with respect to the same. We want to use this gateway for various integration like Cloud Service Now instance , Dynatrace Classic Synthetic , Mobile Application Alerting Feature

1) What all port needs to be open on firewall to enable service now integration using Public security gateway . 2 Security Gateway will be placed in DMZ Zone Their will be F5 Load balancer and Virtual IP will be natted with Public IP.

2) What all Port needs to be open for Mobile Alerting feature , We have on premise manage setup.

3) We want to use our own internal SSL certificate and DNS Name for public security gateway server . What is procedure for the name.

4) In CMC console which endpoint name needs to be mentioned is that DNS name which is aliged with public IP address .

5) What all port need to be allowed for Dynatrace Classic Synthetic integration using Public security gateway server


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

1) Take a look at the use cases covered by ActiveGate (aka Security Gateway) :

and for Cluster ActiveGate (aka Public Managed Security Gateway):

ServiceNow does not utilize ActiveGates. Synthetic goes through Cluster AG same as Mobile.

2) Here are ports listed, that are utilized:

3) SSL customization:

4) You configure Public endpoint in CMC -> Settings -> Public endpoints

5) as in 2)

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