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Looking for feedback on how you all best provide access to metrics created from 2.0 extensions


I've been able to create a 2.0 extension to run db queries and ingest the value into dynatrace, no issues there and the extension is as basic as it can be. What I have found is that the average user does not have access to the metric created from this query while I do being I am an admin. The question I have is what are some methods in which you all are providing access to these metrics created from an extension? Yes I could go back and update the mgmt zone to have access to metric key xyz or a prefix of it but I'm trying to avoid that. I don't want to be tied to the metric key ID in any way.

One method I thought of is associating the metric to a custom device much like the 1.0 custom db query extension does. The custom device name would be the same name as the mgmt zone which should have access to it. We can then connect 1 or many metrics to the custom device as needed, I am assuming this is possible with 2.0? I don't have any real experience with the topology section of the yaml, I assume that is what I would be working with. We could then backfill our existing mgmt zones to have access to the custom device and fold in the same type rule to any new mgmt zones that are created.

I'm looking for feedback on how others are handling this access. I am not tied to the method I mentioned, if there are better ways of doing this I would like to hear them. My overall goal is to be able to add in new queries to this extension and never have to worry about teams not having access to the metric while me not having to constantly update mgmt zone rules.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The easiest way, which is also what we do with all of the extensions from my team, is indeed to create entities out of the metrics and work with that. This is the documentation for the generic topology:



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