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SAP ABAP extension - missing dialog network time for 1 server

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I am using SAP ABAP extension. We get metrics for dialog network time for all servers except 1 of them. We check SAP side and we can pull the data, but on Dynatrace side its -- for GUI response.  We checked the response time in S4P system in ST03N t-code and we do have data there. No data in Dynatrace, except there was a single dot in today timeframe and that was it.

How can we troubleshoot what's going wrong here? Problems/Alerts for the host were checked and were ruled out to be normal alerts/problems. At least we have a single dot of data for today.


And for 72 hours, we have about 3 dots it looks like, I've attached it below:

2022-07-15 12_58_19-NotificationsForm.jpg



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Have you configured to poll once every minute or once every 5 minutes?

Can you try with a less restrictive client number if you don’t already use that, such as 001?


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