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SNMP Traps Extension: com.dynatrace.extension.snmp-traps-generic.traps.count not found


I am experiencing the below error while configuring the SNMP Traps extension.


The extension status says Okay but there is no data in the Dashboard with the below error.


"Metric com.dynatrace.extension.snmp-traps-generic.traps.count not found"
I have gone through the Logs and the Logs show no error in the extension status.
How can I resolve this?
Dynatrace Certified Associate

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Yes, that metric is the number of traps received in the platform. Check out in Data Explorer if you have any value.

To diagnose this problem, I would do a tcpdump on the ActiveGates receiving the traps. If you have traps going ob, you should see them. If not, you probably have to check the configuration of whatever devices are sending the traps.

For reference, a tcpdump that will show you traps

sudo tcpdump -n -s 0 -A udp port 162


Antonio Sousa

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