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Dynatrace associate certification mock exam


Hi all, 

I'm planning to take the Dynatrace associate certification exam soon. I feel that would be better if I take more mock exams before I go with the real one. I took a taste of the test from the preparation page but want to make sure I'm ready (100%). Is there any other resource where I can find more exams, and example questions? 


I'm the one who learns via questions 😊.


Thank you!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You might want to read what has been said in the following thread:


Antonio Sousa

Thank for the reply. It is a good topic to review. In this case I assume there is no more practice exam in any where.  

There is only one practice exam but after some of the sections in Dynatrace University courses, you can find short quizzes in an identical style. They have different questions than the practice exam and usually are a little bit harder, which makes them a little bit closer to the real test. 


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I tried to take most of them but I did not know they are close to the real exam. I'll put more attention on it. Thank you!