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Dynatrace and Slack effective integration


Hi, we have recently got Slack introduced for our organisation and I have tried integrating the Slack with Dynatrace installed. I am able to integrate it successfully by following the instructions but I want to use it in a effective way. Right now my slack channel is flooded with Dynatrace alerts and problem notifications.

Has somebody done this integration and already using it?

Please let me know if someone can advice on this.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

This really isn't going to be Slack integration specific. I imagine the case is that you're using the Default 'alerting profile' in the configuration of that problem notification.

Regardless, what you would do for this (and for any other notifications) is to look at customizing the anomaly detection (to change when problems get detected) and the alerting profile configurations themselves (to determine which problems get delivered to Slack). Basically you need to tell Dynatrace which types of problems need you want to be notified about.