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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DCRUM DMI creater


Is there a way to find out who created DMI report and when DMI report were created?




Yes, @Sharyl Kung!

If you go to the Actions drop down menu on a DMI report and select Save, the report creator and time of creation should be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the 'Save Report' window that pops up (We are still on 12.3.8).

Hope this helps!

Is there a way to run a report instead of open DMI individually?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

DO you mean a report that would tell you authors and dates of all DMI reprots?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


If you mean the list of all reports and their authors and created dates there is no such report you can run.

But you can get is from SQL query ran against CAS DB:

select name as 'Report Name', (select ulogin from delta.wslastused where row_id = creator) as 'Report Creator', delta.nd_getDateString(created,-4,0) as 'Date created' from delta.lsentry where creator > 0

where "-4" sets your time zone, in this example it's GMT-4.

Hope it helps.

can I use same SQL for ADS DMI?


Are there other fields that can be queried as well? Like a Report Last Modified By and the date of the last modification?

So there's a both a LastModifier (user id) field and LastModified (date) field you can query.

ADS has the same table/fields so you can run the same query.

That's helpful. After review the outcome, is it possible to delete/remove DMI reports which no longer needed (instead of deleting one by one from dashboard)?

Also, how to distinguish the DMI reports are out of system (come with product)?

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Just to add/share:

Remember to update [CAS_Database_Name] and [dbo] with your database values.

/****** Script for showing reports with actual creator and modifier usernames and dates ******/

USE [CAS_Database_Name]   /* Update with your CAS database name */
row_id as "ID"
,name as "Report Name"
,[dbo].nd_getDateString([created],+1,0) as 'Date created' -- timezone GMT +1
,[dbo].nd_getDateString([lastmodified],+1,0) as 'Date Modified' -- timezone GMT +1
,CASE creator
WHEN '-1' THEN 'system'
ELSE COALESCE((select ulogin from [dbo].WSLastUsed where row_id = creator),CONCAT('(unknown: ',creator,')'))
END as 'Report Creator'
,CASE lastModifier
WHEN '-1' THEN 'system'
ELSE COALESCE((select ulogin from [dbo].WSLastUsed where row_id = lastModifier),CONCAT('(unknown: ',lastModifier,')'))
END as 'Report Modifier'
FROM [dbo].[LSEntry]
-- WHERE lastModifier NOT IN ('-1','1') AND creator = '-1' /* when interested only in user modified system default reports */
-- WHERE lastModifier NOT IN ('-1','1') /* when interested only in user modified */
-- WHERE lastModifier > 1 /* when interested only in user modified */
-- WHERE creator > 1 /* when only interested in user created */