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Adaptive capture control


I've read the article below. It enlightened me in some aspects while confusing in others.


It says that, each OneAgent captures the set amount of PurePaths in the capture setting, in this case, 1000. It also mentions that it captures this amount from each process.


We've a cluster with a 450.000 amount of service calls per minute that is shown below. Which also has the option set for 1000 for its capture control. So, how can I calculate how much of these calls are captured and shown in PurePath data reliably?


Is it only 1000? Or with 10 hosts, is it 10000? Or is it related to the amount of processes?






Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Service calls is a our internal metric for measuring capacity and performance. It tells you how many calls of each code method or service you have. For example:

Executing 1 REST call that calls 5 database statements is 1 PurePath but 6 service calls (1 REST service + 5 DB service).


By default, we will store just 1000 of such REST calls resulting in 6000 service calls. 


Hope this helps you to understand.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert


Okay, that made sense now. Thank you very much.

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