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Benefits of Placeholder from real-world scenarios/projects perspective

Hi Dynatrace Community,

How to get the full benefits of placeholder from real-world scenarios/projects perspectives?



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @Peter_Youssef,

We might need more details to address this more specifically to your use case which you are after for a project's perspectives. Here are some real-world scenarios related to the placeholders:

  • Each user action placeholder monitored by Dynatrace can be used to rename a user action name with the relevant details as needed.
    User Action Naming rule
  • Dynatrace monitors the environment in real time and raises problems when an abnormality is detected. Those problems can be integrated with respective tools worked by each project. Those integrations would have requests triggered by Dynatrace carrying the problem details as a placeholder.
    Problem Notification

Hope this helps

Thanks @abhi 

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