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Configuration UI problems: tags and management zone, email notifications

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Dear Dev team and Release team,


I think we are loosing some interesting functionalities with some new releases.


I give you some examples for my new pains.


Before I was able to create a tag and build a management zone based on this tag.




Create Tag X (with multiple conditions) but for example:

Condition: Services where host name group equals X-AppServer.


Create MZ X (with multiple conditions) but for example:

Condition: Services where service tags equals X.


It was working fine but now with the New Update, Im facing the bellow error:

The tag exist, and I have hosts, processes, Services correctly tagged.




The second thing is about the Alerting Profile and Email Notifications:

Before I was Able to copy a list of emails and past them all at the same time in the UI field, Dynatrace reorganize and filter them....


Now I should make this email's Copy/Past one by one which is a big pain for me.

Because, i should create multiple notifications (For multiple severities) for different applications, and this simple think took me a long time.

For each Email notification, I should add around 10 emails.


I can notice multiple other things, but other topics raised most of them.

Thanks for your time to read and have a good day.

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Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor



Although I'm not a developer, I think I can help with your first question.  Can you try changing the Operator equals portion of the rule to tag key equals (see screenshots below):




Thank you

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Thanks @bradley_danyo 


It was introduced recently, that why I missed it.


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