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Database monitoring


I have installed OneAgent on my database server. Is this going to impact performance of database server? I have read in the document database monitoring is done remotely. We just need to have agent on web or app server from where call to database initiated. Why we are not installing agent on database server.?

How it works if I am having both web server and database process on a single machine.



Hello Suresh,

The reason that you typically don't need to install an agent on the DB server is that the agent monitors the health of the DB through the queries, commits, and modifications made to it by the applications we are monitoring. The OneAgent can provide a large amount of insight into the performance of your database without being installed directly on it so it should be enough to determine whether the database is the root cause of a performance issue you are experiencing.

In your case, you should not have to worry about the OneAgent impacting the Performance of your DB as it should not affect a process that it is not monitoring directly.


David Nicholls

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Suresh,

Actually the OneAgent also delivers things like CPU, Memory, disk throughput and network traffic. On the Database host it would tell u if your database processes are suffering from slow disks or network issues. That is the reason that we would recommend to install the OneAgent on the DB host as well.

Additionally our AI would correlated any issues found on the host (host, process, disk, network) to any problems of your application with database requests.

Look at it that way the agents at your application detect application slowdowns and also the slow down of SQLs executed in there. The Agent on the DB host will allow Dynatrace to identify if the root cause for the slowdown of a SQL is somewhere there on that host. If you have the respective DB plugins activated (which also run locally on the DB host) this insight would go even further as the DB plugins would add additional metrics and knowledge.

So the recommendation from the Dynatrace side is, yes you should install the OneAgent on the DB host. And no it shouldn't impact your DB, as we are not injecting anything into it.



So would you recommend installing the agent in "infrastructure only" mode on dedicated db servers (no web server in this case)?

Should the agent be in "infrastructure only" mode or FullStack on db servers?

@Ray B., @Francisco P.: it seems logical to use OneAgent on DB hosts in infra mode, as the agent doesn't provide insight into services served by the DB process(es). However, Mike @Michael K. should confirm this is a valid statement.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


is this answer still relevant ? Or is there new feature that permit the one agent to monitor SQL process ? (like it is possible with the APPMON Database agent).



Hi Jean-Louis,

There is still NO equivalent of the AppMon Database agent in Dynatrace presently. Please take a look at these other answers as they elaborate.



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