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Davis / Google Chat integration coming?

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Just wondering if we might see an out of the box Google Chat integration coming to Davis anytime soon?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hey @Larry R. we had integrated Google with Davis before in a chat/voice set up. That's partially how I got the car integration set up. You can also leverage google assistant via this method.


I was thinking of building an integration, but wanted to check fist to see if one out of the box was coming anytime soon. I use it all the time in Slack, but Google Chat would be nice as well. We already use the notification integration between Dynatrace problems and Google Chat using cards which works very well so it would be a plus to also bring Davis into the mix as well.

Have you taken a look at the following integrations?

Yep, in fact I am using most of them. Just looking for one specific to Google Chat for Davis to go along with what we have now with the alert integration between Dynatrace and Google Chat.

understandable, yeah id recommend testing out the Davis integration via google and the google assistant. Ive enjoyed working with it and exploring the possibilities


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