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Deployment Configuration in Dynatrace



do you know if Application deployment concept is configurable in Dynatrace? I mean, In Transaction & Services -> Event y Noted a lot of Deployment events but I am not sure how does Dynatrace handle Deployment concept (i.e a .jsp compilation, etc) and if it is configurable besides “CUSTOM_DEPLOYMENT events”.

Thanks in advance.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace will show deployments within the Host page as well as the process page. SO if you have Jenkins jobs that run every night, you wont get alerted to them that they have run, but rather it will display them in the lower right hand side as "events". You can also link Jenkins into Dynatrace and have the data feed directly in and configure it even more so. We set it up to list the job that failed with a link so admin staff could just click the link and run the job again that failed. as well as provide a metadata blurb about what happened and what to do.


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