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Distribution of time is not available in PurePath


I am using trial version of Dynatrace for Performance testing of an application with technology.

I checked multiple pure paths but in all of them, 80 to 90% time is shown in "Others" in the execution breakdown.

In the code level, out of 1.26 mins, I see distribution for only 45.5s

Out of that 45.5s, 4.68s is suspension time. 19.3s is in Execute Request Handler where again some time is in suspension and rest in Others. Apart from that few micro sec is in database.


Rest nothing is available in the drill down. And also, there is no method hotspot or further drill down available.


Dynatrace OneAgent is installed and host is available and also test data is reflecting in the dashboards.


Is there any other configuration required for getting the proper drill down of the requests?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@akriti were you able to get this answered? You stated that you were in a trial and this was last year. Do you still need assistance? 


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