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Dynatrace AppMon to SaaS/Oneagent migration


Hello Folks,

I have gone through some links and discussion forums but as per the information I can see only following metrics can be pushed to Oneagent.

  • Measures
  • Business transactions
  • Host & process metrics
  • Server health metrics

I'm concern about following metrics/configuration. Is it possible to migrate those as well?

  • Agent Groups
  • Defined Applications
  • System Profiles
  • Business Transaction
  • Custom Sensor
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Incidents
  • Task and Monitors
  • Custom Plugins





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Those elements from second secion cannot be migrated because Dynatrace has totally different concept than appmon. Business transactions are rather now available as multidimensional analysis in services. System profiles are in saas made by management zone, or different instances of saas (if you want splitted prd / qua etc environments).

In general most of such things should be recreated manually because of different monitoring aproach dynatrace have right now. Some of things that was done in appmon no does not have sense or they are covered in different way.

For plugins there is new SDK so they need to be rewritten.


Regards, Sebastian

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