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Dynatrace Managed Self Monitoring


With respect to Dynatrace Managed Infrastructure self monitoring . We see in CMC some points are mentioned with respect to getting emails alerts for tenants , infra and etc. We would like to know more on what all emails alerts we can expect from it , If their is documented page on this will help

I see below option mentioned in CMC email alerting -->

Receive notifications for all cluster-, node-, environment-, and account-related events.


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Yup, I am wondering if we can get back self-monitoring just like AppMon.

In my customer environment I get the below Silva ticket:

Megabytes Swap Space is too low, Description: The threshold for the Swap
Space\Available MBytes performance counter has been exceeded. The value that
exceeded the threshold is: 0 Available MBytes."

And I can indeed see that the UI is now loading slowly, yet in the CMC's UI I didn't see any red alert.


Same issue here...not seeing any self-monitoring stuff for Dynatrace Managed Solution (nor Cluster ActiveGates or Enterprise Active Gates)


We wanted to know the hosts connected to the Active Gates. I didn't get any response from DynaTrace support team on this yet. I am wondering why self-monitoring doesn't come by default on the Managed Servers and ActiveGates.

They are working on self monitoring. I don't know even possible release date but this will be available. For now the only recommendation is extra DT instance with separate license that can monitor your main instance.


Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dear All,

Do we have any updates on this topic?

I want to monitor the full fledge setup of Dynatrace Managed for the alerting, dashboarding, connected agents to each ActiveGate (Cluster/Environment), incoming/outgoing traffic, etc.



I didn’t hear about any changes here. Maybe there will be some announcement on perform... 🙂
Regards, Sebastian

Hello @Sebastian K.
Hope for the best 🙂



DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I totally agree on this one.


@Prashant S. I am please to share with you that for managed customers you are now allowed to have Dynatrace monitor your Dyantrace Cluster. Keep in mind, this is for managed only at this point! To do this you will need to reach out to support and/or your Dynatrace One Guardian.

Dynatrace will set up an SaaS tenant for you. This is much like their mission control but picture it sitting on top of your Dynatrace Cluster looking down into it. Some of the benefits to this is that you can monitor your Clustered nodes that serve up Dynatrace, along with the Activegates associated with your Dynatrace environment. One other cool feature is you will also be able to collect RUM data on these Users. This gives you the ability to report on the amount of users using Dynatrace, how often they access it, where they go, what they do, etc... Just like you see within Dynatrace in the User Sessions of your customers accessing your define applications. You can also set up email alerts as well to notify Dynatrace Admins where there are issues on the clustered hosts/activegates etc. Having Dynatrace monitor Dynatrace is very powerful as you will be altered to issues before they affect the infrastructure, be able to collect data for return on investment, as well as getting a glimpse of updates prior to them hitting your managed cluster as Managed is about 2 weeks behind SaaS updates.

This is how managed is set up:

Adding the SaaS Level:

I tried to contact the support but they said that this offer is only for VIP customers


@Chad T. We currently offer self-monitoring of Dynatrace Managed clusters on dedicated SaaS environments for Premium customers only. For Q1/2020 we plan to implement a dashboarding feature that will allow us to share self-monitoring data also with our non-Premium accounts. We do not yet have a definite release date though.


I'm clearly interested by this feature.

Hi Wolfgang, 

Is there any update news about this "For Q1/2020 we plan to implement a dashboarding feature that will allow us to share self-monitoring data also with our non-Premium accounts" ?


My project team and I clearly interested this functionality.

Thank you


Quick update on the self-monitoring dashboard feature: we are planning to release in version 194 (June) and will start with a preview before going GA in autumn this year. Blog post and sign-up form for the preview will be published within the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to getting your feedback.

Thanks for the update Wolfgang.

Great news!

waiting for that

dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel

Great news, I have already several candidates willing to participate to the preview