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Dynatrace for Tomcat and Apache


Hi, We have recently installed Dynatrace on one of my Solaris host/node. We followed the process and specified the parameters in tomcat script and after restarting tomcat we can see it's getting monitored on Dynatrace. This is all good.

Now what i want is to monitor Apache as well. I mean the requests which are coming to Apache because the problem which we are facing is slow response time for some of the API's but after installing DT, I could see they are all responding fine on tomcat so the problem could be on Apache.

How do i monitor my Apache as well and intercepts it's request on DT to get to the root cause?

Any help is appreciated.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Did you try defining the same parameters (LD_PRELOAD & LD_PRELOAD_64) for the apache process?

After defining the proper parameters, Apache needs to be completely restarted, not just the worker processes, but also the main process. A Solaris reboot of course would do this, but it can also be done using "apachectl stop" and "apachectl start". Using "apachectl restart" is NOT sufficient as it does not restart the main apache process.

@Joseph M. H. Hi Joseph, Thanks for your response. That's what I want to understand.
What's the process of installing/monitoring DT on Apache? Where in which config do i define the parameters?

What about adding LD_PRELOAD to WEB_SERVER_HOME/bin/apachectl?

I think I have not put my question correctly. Let me create another one with full details

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