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Dynatrace for WebMethods 10.1


Hi All,

I have installed Dynatrace OneAgent 1.159 (latest available for Dynatrace managed ) in ESB server running WebMethods 10.1 by Software AG (OS Aix 7.1). But one agent is unable to detect the WebMethod process or broker process.

I have checked in the supported technologies and it is supported by Dynatrace.

Please help

Below are the process running in the Host




Hi All,

We are now able to monitor the Software AG webmethodsIntegration server process successfully, now we are stuck with the Software AG webmethods broker server.

Any help will be appriciated.

Hi Mohit ,

I would like to understand how you are monitoring WebMethods integration server , is it just installing only one agent on your host machine or you have done any other configuration . Please help !

Hi Vicky,

Software AG web methods integration server monitoring is supported OOB, you just need to install Onegent and restart the servers process. Dynatrace will automatically detect the process technology and start monitoring the same.

Incase your installing in AIX, you need to define LDR_PRELOAD as mentioned in the below link



I am also looking into the possibilities wrt monitoring WebMethods using Dynatrace. Where you able able to monitor this succesfully already?

Hi Bart,

Dynatrace does support Software AG web methods Integration server process OOB, so you will be able to do in-depth monitoring of web methods Integration server, but Dynatrace doesn't support Software AG web methods broker server.

Hi Mohit,

Thanks for the response! Do you also know if the Universal messaging is supported? The broker will be end of life in 2020 I believe.

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