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EJB calls via jnp:// and other calls beside http


Hi there,

we have many communications between our services inside the live environment. What we now noticed, is

  • EJB call via jnp:// agains port 1099 are not shown
  • only http traffic is monitored
    • we have some UDP traffic and TCP traffic beside HTTP, which is not shown

Our services are mainly java applications and we noticed this issue between java bases services.
We installed the OneAgent straight forward as documented and restarted the jboss or tomcat server after that, as usual. It seems, that we did not see traffic over all the time we use Dynatrace *sigh*, so I am afraid, that we something wrong.

Does anyone an idea to look at?

Best regards,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Jan-Hendrik P. were you able to get this resolved or are you still experiencing this issue?


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