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Effort estimation to introduce Dynatrace


Can anyone help me understand the variables in Dynatrace, we are looking to explore Dynatrace and need to understand the efforts needed to introduce this within the organization - in terms of time, money, effort etc.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So the money aspect will be directly related to your purchased license and selected platform. For example if you are using Host Unit Hours or Host Units, along with if you select SaaS or Managed. Managed assumes you will be providing the the technology for the Dynatrace platform to run on. Multiply that operating cost by 3 if you want a clustered set up for high redundancy. 

In terms of time, I'd say you might spend a day building your Dynatrace cluster (If Managed is selected), Activegates, and adding users/ad configuration. Looking at time for OneAgent Deployments, that will be dependent on how many entities you are looking to monitor. Manually/automatically deploying to 5 servers will be quick. doing 5,000 even in an automated fashion might take some time as you need to work with the app owners for a time to install the Agent. Also keep in mind you will need to set up firewall rules to allow the communication from the OneAgent to the ActiveGates. Then you could take a few days making dashboards, Automatic tags, Defining Applications, setting up user tags, setting up alert integrations and alert profiles etc... 

Collectively, based off of asking for a Set of VMS for your Managed instance and Activegates, allowing firewall communications, installing the OneAgents at an agreed upon time, customizing the Dynatrace set up in terms of tags, attributes, usernames, applications, conversion goals, key requests, dashboards, etc... I'd say a month. I would highly recommend leveraging a Dynatrace Guardian if this is your first time as they will help ensure you set up the instance correctly the first time rather then going back and adjusting HostGroups, Network Zones etc... 

Adoption - Every organizations culture is different, I've seen some places fully adopt Dynatrace with an open mind and it really benefited their ROI. But I have also see the other side of that coin, where personal biases impact the adoption of the tool, which ultimately slows the adoption timeline and delays your ROI. It takes delicate work to break down those APM biases for Dynatrace adoption. 


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