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Elasticsearch and OneAgent in "Infrastructure only" mode


Hi all,
Is it possible to enable Elasticsearch monitoring if OneAgent is in infrastructure-only mode?
I've made same search in the doc and in the community but i have not found the answer (need new glasses? 🙂 ).


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


In general: In infra mode you will miss JVM metrics and service level, but general process metrics and tecnology specific metrics (with extension)you can get with infa-only mode.

Yes, it is possible, but you will miss instrumentation on EleasticSearch level.

If you have, for example, an instrumented Java application that calls ElasticSearch - you can see request count, failure rate, response time for OPAQUE service (not instrumented). Dynatrace can see when the code of your application executes a call to another service and when it came back.

You can see how it look in Dynatrace - with fully instrumented ElasticSearch on screenshots.

In my case, I call elastic with curl. So I can see this call and PurePath because ElasticSearch is instrumented - agent in Full-stack mode. I can see exception and e.t.c.



I wouldn't be able to see these CURL PurePaths without instrumentation.


In infra only mode you can additionally setup extension to get ElasticSerach metrics:



JVM metrics tab will not be avaliable in infra only mode. 



I hope this helps, have a good day!

Romanenkov Alex


Thank you for your informations.

We understand the limits and we have installed in infra mode. Everything is working ok and in this moment we only need this data.

Hi @l_nalesso Thank you for letting us know! 😊

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