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Hardware resource consumption of OneAgent



Our customer needs information on hardware resource consumption of OneAgent.
They have done the trial of Dynatrace and know the real figure of the hardware resource consumption.
But they need the official information about that for their deployment plan of 1000 agents environment.
Could you provide that?

Best Regards,

Noah Kobayashi



Noah, As I aware that the Dynatrace claims 2 to 3% of overhead, as per my experience it is very well with in the limit.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello Noah,

The following link only describe the information about the disk space requirements for OneAgent full-stack installation and upgrades. Note that exact values may vary based on OneAgent version.




Hello Noah,

Basically hardware resources consumption can be thought of below 3 at high level:

CPU Consumption :

CPU consumption of Oneagent is minimal and will have no impact on your application server as per dynatrace but there are no official numbers.

No official numbers probably because CPU consumption is a relative term.

One server with 16vCPU and running 200 processes might have just 1 percent CPU consumption for OneAgent while on the other hand , another server with 1 vCPU and running 200 processes might show you 4 percent CPU consumption by OneAgent.

Memory Consumption :

Almost same logic applies to memory consumption for Oneagent as that for CPU.

Oneagent may show different memory consumption on two serves havnig same 16vCPUs and running same number of processes(lets say 200) as applications running on both machines may have different load in business hours

please note that OneAgent is also and application running on top of your Serve Operating System and if you make OneAgent to do more work , it will consume resources from your OS itself

So it all depends on situations and best option is to test it in your environment and define your environment standards for oneagent resource consumption by doing a POC which you have already mentioned

Disk Consumption :

This is the only option where you cna have some numbers from dynatrace and same has already been provided by @Babar Q. in comments


Himanshu Mor


Hi All,

I want to know more about memory consumption of OneAgent.

The memory consumption of the customer environment is higher than your demo environment.
More than 310MB is used by OneAgent processes in there.

The customer wants to know the main reason for the increasing the memory consumption.
We guess that the number of processes and transactions affected the consumption of OneAgent.
We do not think the rate of memory usage affected that.
Could you tell us if it is correct?

Thanks, Noah

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