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How to find NGINX version of Dynatrace OneAgent?


Hello I need to find the NGINX version of Dynatrace OneAgent.

If I run the command "nginx -v" I get "command not found" but I know the nginx is running by run "ps -ef | grep nginx" command.

Can anyone help me?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You rather mean Dynatrace Managed, not OneAgent. What is the purpose of this knowledge? Nginx is part of whole solutions, so it’s cannot be used for any other purposes.

You can alway dig into installation files to find those related to nginx, there should be information about this. I didn’t see anywhere any informations related to version of core components. Only Java version is mentioned I suppose.


Regards, Sebastian

Hello Sebastian, The purpose is reporting this information on our manual.

I found the information can be visible on Home->Settings->AutomaticUpdate

Is it correct or the info is refers to new version to update?

It’s version of package that is responsible for instrumentation of particular nginx versions (not all are supported). It’s not version of dynatrace nginx itself

Regards, Sebastian

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