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How to get a Dashboard pdf file on Linux using bash?


Want to get a dashboard pdf file generated on Linux using bash so that I can use it for sharing purposes on daily basis for a specific group.



Not quite clear what you want to achieve. Do you want to generate a PDF from a view in Dynatrace from bash on Linux?

The function to generate PDF from Dashboards is currently only available from the Dynatrace GUI ( If you are using the API, it is not available at this time. You can set the sharing options so that login is not required for the selected view. Then you just need to provide the view data for the audience group.

In addition, you can use the API to change view parameters and, for example, change the time range automatically via webhook from Linux.


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Yes I was searching for some API to get the PDF generated which we get from Dynatrace Dashboard GUI. Is it something to be introduced in future from Dynatrace. 

We cannot share data through link and our use case is to send an email on daily basis( not weekly or monthly). Since we already have dashboard for the required data we were thinking to get through API in bash and use SMTP to send email.

In version 1.258, the ability to generate PDF files from the GUI was made available. I have not found so far information that such a function is available through the API. I will create a thread for product ideas on our community. You can also comment in it and vote for this idea.

In my opinion, PDF generation from Dashboard via API is a very useful feature that will make working with Dynatrace easier.

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Created a Product Idea for same. I request all to please vote.

Unnecessarily, because I also created a topic earlier on this topic 😊

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