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If a batch job isn't Java, PHP or .NET, is there any other way to monitored the batch job?

Batch Job runs at midnight everyday but it didn't shows in Dynatrace. Attempting to use Custom Service to monitor it, but then realized there are only 3 kind of technologies there.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You didn't write how does your batch job look like. How long does it typically take to finish and which language/platform is it written.

Can you at least see the process for this batch job during the time batch job is running in Dynatrace?
For a batch job you probably want to monitor if it was successful or not. There are not many options to monitor short-lived processes in Dynatrace. Depending on your case I'd use plugin developed in Oneagent SDK or Dynatrace API to push results.
Current Oneagent SDK is also quite limited when it comes to sending data for short-lived processes. If your process is really short-lived (finishes within minutes) it might not get detected at all.

I think the second approach (sending data directly to Dynatrace API) would suit best for your, but you will have to call the API from the batch job and push batch job results to a application. For more information see here:

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