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In AppMon, there are the concept of 'System Profile' and 'Application', do we have such thing in Dynatrace?

Basically, I have an application that have 8 different main URL, where they are:





so on and so forth.......I mean, you get the idea.

I don't think it is a good idea to have 8 different application in smartscape where each application correspond to one country.

How can I achieve in Dynatrace, the 'application' thingy in AppMon? (refer to diagram below)



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Wai,

System Profiles are gone in Dynatrace. On DT Managed you can create multiple tenants to achieve that separation of monitoring settings.

Regarding apps, this is found under Settings > Web and Mobile Monitoring > Application Detection and RUM.

Best regards,


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

If these different applications have shared backend components and things like that I would still keep them in the same environment/tenant.

At the end-user level yes you can define separate applications based on things like the host or full URL and these will be grouped accordingly. Then you can use a combination of tags, host groups, and management zones to organize your environment and make it more manageable. One important thing to note that is different from AppMon is that environments are completely separate so no transactions will flow between them as opposed to PurePaths being able to flow between system profiles in AppMon. That is why I would keep them all in one environment if it is only the front end that is different.


Hi James and Radu,

So if I understand you both correctly, it would means, referring to my situation, it would be one application for each country right?

Best Regards,

Wai Keat

Yes, you can define application for each country by url. It's good practice because you will have apdex for each country separately. In this way you will have direct informations about Browsers, OS'es, network speed and behaviour of users in each country. This is why it's really good idea.

Regards, Sebastian

Thanks Sebastian.

Okay, last question though, you have any idea how to up the limit of application rules for a dynatrace environment?

I am about to monitor 20 applications in an environment for my customer next year, and every applications would have 6 or 7 countries using it. So, I would be quickly running out of applications rules and in worse case, might not able to make it to be 20 application squeeze inside the same environment.

Where did you find info about 20 applications limit? Are you SaaS or Managed?

Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian, sorry for my bad communication. I am not talking about limit of applications, but limit of application-rules. It is not stated in documentation, but rather something already experienced by some community member:

Ok but this limit is far from 20 🙂 I think you shouldn't worry about that for know because you should have as much rules as applications (if you have single domains).

Regards, Sebastian

If there will be problems with limit, you can always bind countries into applications in general without splitting by countries. Than you can filter what you see by user locations and results also should be fine

Regards, Sebastian

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