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Infrastructure mode oracle database server

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

In Appmon we always installed no agent on the database server, in Dynatrace we copied this by putting the Database server in infra mode.

Now I notice that there are services active on the database hosts (only the oracle ones) related to the database.

We have the EA for oracle database monitoring active on our cluster, but the real question is can we still set this host in infra mode (saving money) without loosing info?

KR Henk





OneAgent in infra mode will provide you only with infrastructure data and it has no deal with Oracle metrics you're getting from Oracle EAP program. Oracle Monitoring plugin is running on AG, not on the agent itself. I would suggest just to uninstall the agent from Oracle host to save some Host Units, but if you use Log Analytics or custom plugin for that host, you still need this agent up and running

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