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Is it possible to have the One Agent monitoring set to off by default?

We would like our internal customers to be able to self serve and get the One Agent installed at their own pace, however we dont want them turning on the agent on every server all at once. Ideally we'd like the dynatrace team to be the gatekeeper of when a One Agent actually starts providing data and consuming host units.

I know we can go to a host and turn monitoring off but is it possible to have all agents set to off until we turn monitoring on for them?



Hey Robert,

I do not believe this is possible in the UI. Your best bet is to manage it from the Settings -> Monitoring -> Monitoring Overview page as all hosts are on that page and you can toggle monitoring off or on from there.

Hope This Helps



Though there may not be a team to have the all hosts automatically toggled off, one thing you can utilize is the management zone (Settings>Preferences>Management Zones) so that your internal clients can't go turn on the agent on a host, making sure that only your DT team is able to do so.


I think you can stop the services that may help here.

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