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Masking sensitive data from PurePath URIs


Is it possible to mask sensitive data from PurePath URIs? So in the below example, let's pretend "ConfigurationService" is sensitive data and I don't want to see it, at all. Can I:

1. Mark it somehow as sensitive data, so that it requires the "view sensitive request data" rights to view?

2. Not capture the data at all?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general there are privacy settings in dynatrace that can mask some stuff in uris, but not like that. This is related for example to card numbers and other sensitive data that can be matched via RegEx.

In this example you will not be able to remove this information from uris, you can only disable catching those transactions at all which is not good idea. I have some problems in this area as well, because build in mechanism for uris masking are not enough for me and my clients. For now I think you can only start product idea or find existing one.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks Sebastian. This is what I expected, since I couldn't find any way to mask that data, but always good to double-check over here at the forums.


The link is for RUM data i.e. user actions coming from the end-user's browser. The question was about PurePaths, which are monitored by OneAgent on the server side.

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