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Memory dump time to live on OneAgent



How long remains a memory dump in the OneAgent directory ?
I would like to have it only on the Security Gateway, not on the OneAgent.



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

With default settings, memory dumps are kept agent-side for up to 7 days. Oldest ones are also deleted if there are more than 10 dumps or total size of memory dumps is exceeded (this condition is disabled by default).

It is possible to configure any of the three parameters mentioned above, with aid of DevOps.

We are looking to add option to immediately delete memorydumps after they are sent, but there is no timeline for that yet.

As an additional question. How long are the dumps subsequently keep on the Security Gateway?

7 Days on the SG. (note the MaxAgeDays parameter)

Hello! This behavior has changed. Now you can control the location for the memory dumps using DATA_STORAGE parameter and the dir is a subject to OneAgent file aging mechanism. Current rule is:

Files are removed when any of these conditions are true:

  • Any of the files in this directory is older than 2 hours
  • The files in this directory use more than 20 GB in total


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