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Mobile app RUM works through the ActiveGate but what if the emulator is internal?


We were able to get our instrumented test APK to work external from our office network. We understand that is the end goal. However, during testing that is not real world. Testing occurs with an emulators within a corporate network. We struggled and failed to get that to work. We pointed the endpoint to the clusterserver:8443 (not the cluster ActiveGate) and it failed without errors in the emulator (though the application worked fine there was no connection to the dynatrace managed environment). After much time someone suggested to load the instrumented APK on a real smartphone. So after changing the endpoint to the AciveGate and reinstrumenting we did just that and it worked. Trying to understand what went wrong in doing testing internally. Is there some other entrypoint we should have used besides the clusterserver or is the only way to do testing externally.?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello David,

Mobile and agentless beacons are only supported via a Cluster active gate. The embedded activegate should not be used. You could either have an additional Cluster active gate set up in the internal network or you could set up a proxy internally that fowards the traffic to the active gate.


Hi @Dominik P., @Radoslaw S., this requirement I do not find back in the "When do I need to install an ActiveGate?" documentation (at
Which would make me think that for agentless RUM in Managed you could directly communicate to the cluster. Yes or No? There is some discussion about this, so I just wanted to be clear about it 🙂

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner

technically it could be possible, but AG on the cluster node is not configured to accept (m)RUM beacons.

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Dynatrace Managed expert


Thanks Dominik! What I will try next is to use the ip address to one of our internal activegate cluster nodes with the port 8443. I'm hoping this works because honestly we are asked in the documentation to test android versions <4.4 as they are ones that may give instrumentation some trouble. The only way to do that along with other versions is through emulators.

Thanks again!


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