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Monaco - dashboard - managment zone id


I'm trying to manage the monaco automation.
I have a problem with the dashboard configuration.
I have tried to create Service health with managment zone. In a JSON file, I have to provide the management zone id.
I have created the management zone with Monaco too.
Please advise how to make Monaco retrieve the appropriate id management zone by itself.
I try with this configuration:

"managementZone": {
"id": "{{ .managmentzone_id }}",
"name": "demo_test"


managmentzone_id: project/management-zone/zone.json

This configuration create correct dashboard, but without managment zone


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

The yaml part is wrong in your case, you need to specify the .id or .name suffix depending on what you need to reference:

managmentzone_id: project/management-zone/

The zone in this case is the name of the entity defined in the yaml file for management zones.

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Hello @Julius_Loman when deploying Monaco maintenance, we are stuck with yaml where its not able to take the management zone id and its giving an error: 

Invalid configuration - failed to resolve parameter values: parameter `mzID` cannot reference `maintenance:management-zones:XXXXX:id`: referenced config not found

The yaml used here is:

But I guess I am not able pass mzID correctly, can you please advise where to pass management zone id in this YAML?

Thanks in advance.



Do you have defined management zone as them?

You need to create a management zone and maintenance window has a reference to that management zone id.

Best regards

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Yes, I found the issue and it was more into config.yaml of maintenance where mzID needs to be defined. Below is format if someone is stuck in similar issue.



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