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Monitoring Oracle iPlanet 7 Webserver by any means using Dynatrace OneAgent


We have a customer who runs several instances of Oracle's iPlanet Webserver (Version 7)

I do know that its not in the support matrix out of the box, i was wondering if anybody had success doing it using any of the following approaches:

Appreciate any help or pointing me in the right direction 🙂


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It seems that last version that was supporting this technology was appmon 6.1:

So Dynatrace (which is made on new agent architecture) may not be able to instrument it. In general everything depends of what do you have working on this WebServer. If this is java or PHP it may be possible to instrument application manually independent of WebServer. But this is only my assumption.

If your application has user interface, easiest you can do is configuring agentless RUM monitoring. You can than inject Manually generated snipped in dynatrace to head of the page. You will see user actions without any problems. You should remember that in such case JS has to have open traffic to Dynatrace server. For SaaS it shouldn’t be problem, for Managed you will need Cluster ActiveGate that will listen on port 9999 in public. Then JS will be able to send monitoring data to cluster.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks, appreciate the answer, this is for Customer, a Bank, and it is a Managed setup. their Online Banking is running on those iPlanet Webservers, and while they have a roadmap to migrate it to something more up to date, still need to find a way to monitor it in the meantime, the RUM option was also what i was most hopeful that it would work. Thanks, will test this. will post an update here how we got it to work, if we did 🙂

I suggest combining cloud infrastructure monitoring + agentless rum for now. If they have for example reverse proxy from nginx / apache before iPlanet, you can instrument those servers with OneAgent. You will see webrequests and it's performance. From this level it is as well option to use autoinjecting of RUM (no need for Cluster ActiveGate). You will see ass well comparision between user perspective time, and purepath time. It's important in analysis.

If those iPlanet WebServers are able to expose some JMX metrics you can as well use JMX editor plugin to extract some extra custom metrics that can be used for monitoring. In general there are some moves you can do without digging into source code of bank applications.


Regards, Sebastian

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