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Monitoring capabilities for MSSQL SSIS and Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (ESS) Jobs


We have enterprise wide applications which use MS SQL SSIS packages and Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (ESS) Jobs (Weblogic 12C). I am very much interested to know feasibility for monitoring the jobs of such technologies.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Rajesh S.

In terms of SQL jobs, you'd have to configure Oracle DB endpoint for the DBs that process such requests. Currently only Oracle DB is supported by Database Insights feature (early adopter release). MS SQL Server internal monitoring is currently planned for second half of 2020.

Database Insights is able to monitor the whole activity on the DB, so queries executed within those jobs will also be monitored.

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Hi Dariusz,

That's a good one!

I will keep looking for support for the MS SQL database there are as many as 100+ DB servers that need SSIS monitoring. The use case is alerting the team on long running or stuck job.

We have the same requiements here.

There are multiple batch jobs where monitoring the jobs is important.

Should and could be quite an easy thing to create.

Otherwise we will make a plugin that does it.

Did anyone come up with whether this is possible?

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