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OneAgent behavior after changing the listening port of ActiveGate

After changing the listening port of ActiveGate, how would OneAgent behave?

I've installed few agents already, and decide to later today chnage the listening port of AG, then tomorrow would install another few OneAgent.

For those installation that would done tomorrow, is it okay for me to use the agent installer downloaded earlier? or need to provide the application team the agent installer after the AG configuration?

Also, for those agents that is running prior to AG configuration, would they get....disrupted?

Best Regards,

Wai Keat


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

After you change the port, the configuration of endpoint addresses gets updated in Dynatrace Cluster and then is pushed to all oneagents connected. The endpoint list is also included in the installation images of Oneagents. So if you update your configuration somehow, I would recommend to re-download the images so they will include the new endpoint URLs.

Regarding the disruption - it depends on your environment. If the gateway is the only endpoint the agents can reach (they can't reach the cluster or another gateway), then they will of course disconnect and won't reconnect back.

You can do

- port forwarding on the gateway in local firewall (simple iptables rule at least for Linux)

- reconfigure the agents manually by modifying the ruxitagentproc.conf (it will be updated as soon as agent reconnects)

you can reinstall the agents with the newly downloaded installation image (don't delete the directory with the agent configuration so the host will come back as the same host entity)

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